Digital Supply Networks: Transform Your Supply Chain and Gain Competitive Advantage with Disruptive Technology and Reimagined Processes
ISBN: 1260458199
EAN13: 9781260458190
Language: English
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

Digital Supply Networks: Transform Your Supply Chain and Gain Competitive Advantage with Disruptive Technology and Reimagined Processes

Book Overview
Deliver unprecedented customer value and seize your competitive edge with a transformative digital supply network Digital tech has disrupted life and business as we know it, and supply chain management is no exception. But how exactly does digital transformation affect your business? What are the breakthrough technologies and their capabilities you need to know about? How will digital transformation impact skills requirements and work in general? Do you need to completely revamp your understanding of supply chain management? And most importantly: How do you get started? Digital Supply Networks provides clear answers to these and many other questions. Written by an experienced team comprised of Deloitte consultants and leading problem-driven scholars from a premier research university, this expert guide leads you through the process of improving operations building supply networks, increasing revenue, reimagining business models, and providing added value to customers, stakeholders, and society. You'll learn everything you need to know about: Stages of development, roles, capabilities, and the benefits of DSN Big data analytics including its attributes, security, and authority Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, robotics, and the Internet of Things Synchronized planning, intelligent supply, and digital product development Vision, attributes, technology, and benefits of smart manufacturing, dynamic logistics, and fulfillment A playbook to guide the digital transformation journey Drawing from real world-experience and problem-driven academic research, the authors provide an in-depth account of the transformation to digitally connected supply networks. They discuss the limitations of traditional supply chains and the underlying capabilities and potential of digitally-enabled supply flows. The chapters burst with expert insights and real-life use cases grounded in tomorrow's industry needs. Success in today's hyper-competitive, fast-paced business landscape, characterized by the risk of black swan events, such as the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, requires the reimagination and the digitalization of complex demand-supply systems, more collaborative and connected processes, and smarter, more dynamic data-driven decision making―which can only be achieved through a fully integrated Digital Supply Network.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover In a digital economy, connected by the cloud through ubiquitous smart devices and data-enabled actions, understanding and implementing a digital supply network is the lifeblood of the system. The authors elegantly illustrate how major advances in technologies must be orchestrated in new ways to power the rapidly evolving and real-time demands of supply chain management. The insights are both provocative and actionable, providing the reader with a road map for implementation. -- Brad D. Smith , Executive Chairman, Intuit An important and timely subject that most companies are grappling with! -- Yossi Sheffi , Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, MIT Exciting times ahead--the digital transformation will unlock new opportunities and hence needs to be the key strategic topic for organizations. A fascinating read for executives who intend to drive the digital journey using the emerging technologies. -- Diana Volks , Head of Supply Chain Management, Bayer The COVID-19 pandemic shows us that in times of increasing complexity and speed, we depend on transparency, fast reaction, or even prediction to reduce the vulnerability of our entirely globalized supply chains. And digitalization is key to gaining this required level of transparency and anticipation. This book provides helpful insights, explaining more technical details in a digestible manner. -- Stefan Waskow , Partner, Head of Procurement & Quality, Volkswagen Consulting Over my 40-plus years of global supply chain experiences, I have become an ardent convert in the pursuit of end-to-end digital connectivity. Often the journey of a reimagined integrated supply chain will enable cross-functional collaboration and surface new insights and surprises. Defensiveness and pushback from the operational floor and across functions may occur. It is important for the organization's leadership, from the shop floor to the boardroom, to embrace the new end-to-end intelligence and focus on how to accelerate results. The rewards are well worth the endeavor. Digital Supply Networks , by Sinha, Bernardes, Calderon, and Wuest, provides a valuable transformational road map for your organization's journey. -- Bob Gorski , Executive Vice President, Kraft Foods, former Vice President Global Supply Chain, Procter & Gamble Everyone involved in executing a supply chain is keenly aware that digital technologies will completely change the way we do work. As consumer and customer expectations drive the requirement to deliver goods faster, receive real-time information on their orders, and provide a superior customer experience, supply chain practitioners must evolve and transform. Digital Supply Networks provides a practical, hands-on playbook to help your organization transform both your systems and processes as you build your road map to take advantage of the new digital technologies that exist and are still to come. -- Jeff Fleck , Chief Supply Chain Officer, Georgia Pacific A must-read for manufacturers and anyone entering the Industry 4.0 workforce. If you want to know where jobs of the future are heading, Digital Supply Networks is an expert guide to understanding the infrastructure, processes, and behaviors that exist within our new cyber-physical reality. At its core, this is a critical resource for decision makers in every sector who face the enormous challenge of staying competitive while navigating and adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace. -- Thomas Lichtenberger , President and CEO, Festo Didactic Predicting the future can be challenging but preparing for it becomes manageable with this thorough guide, filled with insights on the functional and technical capabilities behind DSN. Let this playbook aid you in taking active control of where your business is headed and ensure that the inevitable disruption of the supply chain will let you emerge stronger and more prosperous as opposed to trapped in one of the many pitfalls on the way. The holistic and easy-to-follow approach of this book makes it relevant to a broad audience of business professionals, executives, and students. -- Jacob Munch Sjeldan , Senior Business Solutions Architect, Novo Nordisk Digital Supply Networks is a valuable resource for understanding the disruption taking place across the globe as digital technologies transform supply chain management processes. Digital transformation has changed the way we live and work and will continue driving social and economic change and redefine the nature of work. The authors present a clear explanation of how the traditional sequence of processes are being transformed into one of interconnected information flows and advanced capabilities, aka the digital supply network. Further, they present a very strong case for why every company must adapt or be left behind. The book is an essential guide and road map to creating a successful, fully integrated DSN that aligns with a company's business strategy. I highly recommend Digital Supply Networks for anyone wanting to gain insights and a competitive advantage through new technologies and processes. -- Jim Ullum , Managing Partner, Sourcing International During this period of acute transformation and disruption--or waves of progress and supply chain evolution--understanding the logistics and supply chain market landscape is more crucial than ever for leaders and logisticians. Sinha, Bernardes, Calderon, and Wuest share insight into how to spot the nodes, networks, and innovations that have the best chance of succeeding and some of the pitfalls we must avoid to achieve true laminar logistics. -- Michael J. Stolarczyk , Senior Vice President, CakeBoxx Technologies This is a uniquely insightful and practical perspective on the opportunities and complexities of the digital supply network. The current pandemic, along with the resulting economic chaos will have a profound impact on the global supply chain, highlighting the demand for supply chain resiliency and driving the restructuring of our supply networks. This journey will demand the depth and breadth of DSN insight demonstrated in this book. -- John Dyck , Chief Executive Officer, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) Digital Supply Networks is an excellent source to understand both the components and overarching framework for the digital transformation of the extended enterprise. With COVID-19 driving the future of resilient supply chain design and execution, this book provides practical guidance. -- Stephan Biller , PhD, Vice President Watson IoT and Chief Innovation Officer, IBM Navigating digital disruption is a key issue for those who handle supply chains. This book offers a comprehensive description of all relevant aspects and advice on how to create an opportunity by implementing a digital supply network. -- Dr. Reinhold Achatz , President and Chairman of the Board, International Data Spaces Association, former CTO, ThyssenKrupp, and former Head of Siemens Global Research, Siemens AG Digital Supply Networks represent a critical next step in maturity for smart manufacturing, which builds upon the foundation digital capabilities that have been introduced within manufacturing operations over the last decade. The authors provide practical insights and guidance on both the business drivers as well as technology trends that will help enable success. This is a must-read for all companies embarking on this critical journey for their future. -- Denise Swink , CEO, Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), in cooperation with Michelle Pastel and Lance Fountaine