Drones for Dummies
ISBN: 1119049784
EAN13: 9781119049784
Language: English
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 1.00" H x 9.00" L x 7.00" W
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The fast and easy way to pick out, set up, and learn to fly your drone Ready to soar into the world of unmanned aircraft? Drones For Dummies introduces you to the fascinating world of UAVs. Written in plain English and brimming with friendly instruction, Drones For Dummies provides you with the information you need to find and purchase the right drone for your needs, examples of ways to use a drone, and even drone etiquette and the laws and regulations governing consumer drone usage. Plus, you'll discover the basics of flight, including how to use a drone to capture photos and video. Originally designed to assist in military and special operations applications, the use of drones has expanded into the public service sector and the consumer market for people looking to have a good time flying an aircraft remotely. Drones For Dummies covers everything you need to know to have fun with your UAV, and is packed with cool ways to expand your drone's use beyond simply flying. Pick the perfect drone to suit your needs Properly set up and fly a drone Use a drone to capture images and footage with a camera Tips for maintaining your drone If you're interested in the exciting new technology of unmanned aircraft vehicles, Drones For Dummies helps you take flight.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Learn to: Pick the perfect drone to suit your needs Properly set up, fly, and maintain your drone Capture video and images using the latest technologies Follow the FAA rules and regulations for flying unmanned aircraft Get the best advice on how to pick the perfect drone, set it up, and successfully take flight! Ready to soar into the world of unmanned aircraft? This fun and accessible guide offers everything you need to get up, up, and away with UAVs. Inside, you'll find expert guidance on purchasing the right drone for your needs, ways to use a drone, how to mind your Ps and Qs with drone etiquette (yes, it's a real thing), and much more! Keep both feet on the ground -- assemble and set up your drone, test the remote controls, optimize your camera settings, and avoid imminent dangers before you take flight Take to the sky -- find tips on the best ways to launch your drone indoors or out, in populated areas, at night, or in sub-optimal weather conditions Spread your wings -- get the lowdown on flight basics, from flying with handheld RF control to working with smart devices -- and everything in between Such great heights -- make the most of the aerial photos and videos your drone captured, whether you want to import footage and stills as is, or edit and stabilize them with software Open the book and find: Guidance on picking the best drone for you A plain English explanation of your drone's parts How to stay safe with your drone No fly zones and governance with the FAA A must-have pre-flight checklist Tips on choosing where and when to fly How to correct shaky footage The best ways to work with aerial images Ten things you shouldn't do with your drone