Drug Calculations Online for Calculate with Confidence (User Guide and Access Code)
ISBN: 0323056385
EAN13: 9780323056380
Language: English
Pages: 8
Edition: 1
Format: Hardcover

Drug Calculations Online for Calculate with Confidence (User Guide and Access Code)

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Book Overview
Incorporating the ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis methods, this online course presents a step-by-step approach to the calculation and administration of drug dosages. This Drug Calculations Online course is designed to be used with the 5th edition of Gray: Calculate with Confidence. Once you have read topics in the text, the online course provides you with an opportunity for application and practice. Animations, voice-overs, and interactive self-assessment activities are used to provide an engaging and interactive course platform. This course includes practice problems to promote active learning and quizzes that can be used to evaluate your understanding of content presented in the course. Includes three major drug calculation methods (ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis) to give students the option of choosing the method which works best for them. Each module is organized by topic sections that include an overview, objectives, a reading assignment for the topic being covered, example problems, practice problems, and one or more quizzes. Many of the math practice problems include a tutorial for each of the three drug calculation methods. When one of the solution buttons is chosen, a step-by-step tutorial to solving the problem in the method chosen is initiated for the student to view. Animations are used throughout this course to demonstrate various concepts related to dosage calculation and drug administration. Some animations will require student participation such as using the mouse to move the plunger on a syringe. Interactive self-assessment activities related to various topic areas are incorporated throughout the course to allow the student to apply their knowledge in context. Voice-overs are used throughout the course to enhance the step-by-step explanation of medication administration procedures and the drug calculation methods demonstrated throughout the course. Quizzes are included within each module that instructors can use to evaluate students' understanding of all the major topics covered in that particular module. A comprehensive test bank of approximately 350questions, organized by module, will be provided for instructor's to build quizzes and tests. Terminology is defined within the content for easy reference. Provides the latest drug administration techniques and devices and detailed explanation of the various forms of administering drugs, including oral, intravenous, intra-muscular, subcutaneous and other routes used in drug administration. This allows the student to become more knowledgeable about the specifics of each technique. Includes the most up-to-date, commonly used drugs so students have exposure to what is being used in the real world of clinical practice. Presents information on infusion pumps (enteral, single, multi-channel, PCA and insulin) to help students understand their increased use in drug administration. Interactive case studies of real life patient scenarios are integrated within the modules providing real world simulations for you to learn. Audio glossary defines pertinent terms with the course serving as a quick reference to key definitions. Includes an extensive collection of drug labels and has its own glossary. Caution boxes, Tips for Clinical Practice, and Rule boxes are incorporated throughout to create a more uniform correlation between the course and text. Additional practice problems with the most current drug labels are included. The most current guidelines for safe medication practice the The Joint Commission and the Institute for Safe Medication Practice will be incorporated throughout.