Drug Calculations Online for Kee/Marshall: Clinical Calculations: With Applications to General and Speciality Areas (Access Card)
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Drug Calculations Online for Kee/Marshall: Clinical Calculations: With Applications to General and Speciality Areas (Access Card)

Book Overview
Easily learn and master all four types of dosage calculations with Drug Calculations Online, 8th Edition . Corresponding to the chapters in Kee and Marshall's Clinical Calculations, 8th Edition , this series of interactive learning modules takes a step-by-step approach in explaining ratio and proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis methods. Each module also features animations, case studies, practice problems, narrated examples, and self-assessment activities to help you apply, practice, and reinforce your knowledge of dosage calculations. Duration for access to this product is for the life of the edition. Explanations of all four major methods of drug calculation (ratio & proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis) allow you to choose your preferred method. Modules correspond to chapters from the textbook and include an overview, objectives, learning outcomes, reading assignment, example problems, practice problems, and quizzes. The latest guidelines in safe medication practice from The Joint Commission and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices help you learn how to reduce medication errors. Extensive math instruction and review helps you master the basic skills you need to accurately calculate drug dosages. Practice problems are exclusive to the online course and supplement the ones included in the text. Quizzes check your understanding of all major topics covered in each module. Narrated, step-by-step tutorials clearly explain how to solve many of the math problems in each of the four drug calculations. Interactive case studies provide real-life patient scenarios. Audio glossary defines terms and shows you how to properly pronounce the terms. Animations demonstrate specific concepts related to dosage calculation and drug administration. Interactive self-assessment activities include matching, sequencing, labeling, and multiple select activities to help you evaluate and apply your knowledge. Voice over narration offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step explanation of math skills and drug calculation methods. Coverage of the latest drug administration techniques and devices offer detailed explanations on the different ways to administer drugs. Information on the role of fusion pumps (enteral, single, multi-channel, PCA, and insulin) helps you understand their increased use in drug administration.