Empty Graves: Tales of Zombies (a Murphy's Lore After Hours Collection)
ISBN: 1890096393
EAN13: 9781890096397
Language: English
Pages: 176
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

Empty Graves: Tales of Zombies (a Murphy's Lore After Hours Collection)

Book Overview
HOPE AND HAPPINESS MAY NEVER DIE... BUT PEOPLE DO... It's never a good sign for the living when the dead rise & leave empty graves behind. In this of zombie tales Murphy & friends face down a jinn's deathwish; Moni the Graveyard Angel tries to close down a brothel offering dead women to their clients; in Camelot, the Infinite Jester learns the cauldron of life is not all it's reputed to be; Agent Karver must face down one of his dead that has left her grave; a vampyre zombie & a tiny necronate cause trouble in the Crimson Midnights; the Council of Thrones calls upon Nemesis to ensure a solider answers for his part in a genocide; in the alternate future of the Mysticaust the honored dead rise to defend Uncle Sam against a traitor; in the past Faerie soldiers forever scar young Terrorbelle & kill her mother for a darker purpose; Zombielicious lets her marital strife spill out onto the streets of New York; a mother asks Hex to kill her baby, but the infant's already dead & eating the neighbors; the Soul for Hire learns the hard way that a bullet for the dead isn't always enough to stop them; & Hell's Detective must capture a demon possessed zombie before it slaughters more innocents. THE PATRONS OF BULFINCHE'S PUB SPEAK OUT ON EMPTY GRAVES A STUNNING ACHIEVEMENT IF I HAD TO BE BURIED ON A DESERT ISLAND, THIS IS THE BOOK I'D BRING, - MURPHY'S MOM. MORE FUN THAN A DIRGE, - MONI, the Graveyard Angel. ALMOST AS HOT AS ME, - the corpse known as ZOMBIELICIOUS. NOW THAT I'VE READ THIS, I CAN DIE HAPPY. THAT WAY I'D NEVER HAVE TO READ IT AGAIN, - NEGREL, Hell's Detective PRAISE FOR THE MURPHY'S LORE SERIES: ENTERTAINING, INVENTIVE AND DELIGHTFULLY CREEPY. -JONATHAN MABERRY, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of BAD MOON RISING and ZOMBIE CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead A GIFTED AND INTELLIGENT WRITER, PATRICK KNOWS HOW TO TAP HIS KNOWLEGDE OF THE HOROR GENRE AND USE IT TO CRAFT UNIGUE AND ENTERTAINING STORIES. -EDWARD DOUGLAS, MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE, Director of THE DEAD MATTER SUCH IS THOMAS' UNIQUE BLEND OF FANTASY/HORROR/HUMOR THROUGHOUT THE... SERIES, THAT HORROR FANS WILL LOVE THE CAST OF WEIRD CHARACTERS... BULFINCHES PUB IS ALWAYS A FAST FUN READ & A PLACE YOU'LL WANT TO VISIT AGAIN. -Nick Cato, THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW