Enlightened Relationships: The Ultimate Training Ground for Practicing Presence
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Enlightened Relationships: The Ultimate Training Ground for Practicing Presence

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Book Overview
If you really want to know how spiritually awake you are, spend time around other people. For each of our relationships--from the brief interaction with the barista to our bonds with lifelong partners or family members--reflect back to us our predominant state of consciousness. With Enlightened Relationships, Eckhart Tolle offers a two-session program on bringing the transformational power of presence into this often challenging yet deeply rewarding area of our lives. Session one explores the arising of a new consciousness on the planet, and how more and more of us are beginning to experience a shift from an egoic, thought-based identity to the realization of what Eckhart calls our essential Being nature. Session two offers a practical look at how this emerging awareness impacts our relationships, as well as the steps we can take to welcome the vertical dimension of space and stillness as the source of true connection and harmonious relationships. It's easy to fool yourself as to your state of consciousness if you avoid other people, remarks Eckhart Tolle. For presence to become deeply rooted, it must be tested in the fire of relationships. Enlightened Relationships brings you Eckhart's practical guidance in opening to the full potential of our interpersonal engagements.