Essential Android Tablets: The Illustrated Guide to Using your Tablet
ISBN: 1911174525
EAN13: 9781911174523
Language: English
Pages: 212
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

Essential Android Tablets: The Illustrated Guide to Using your Tablet

Book Overview
The twenty-first century offers more technology than we have ever seen before, but with new updates, and apps coming out every month, most users don't have time to keep up or figure everything out on their own and it can be quite overwhelming. With full color screen prints, photographs and illustrations, this guide explores... Setting up your tablet, setting up and transferring your data. Getting to know Android; the app dock, drawer, icons, and menus Arranging icons, the on-screen keyboard and Google assistant Navigating with touch gestures: tap, drag, and swipe Communicating with Hangouts and GMail Browsing the web with the Chrome web browser Taking portrait and panoramic photos, as well as recording video Editing and enhancing your photos Listening to music, from the play store Downloading TV Programmes and Movies Downloading and installing apps from the play store Google Maps, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Contacts Setting up cloud enabled printers and printing documents With comprehensive instruction for many commonly used tablets, this step-by-step guide allows readers to digest information quickly and easily without feeling confused, wasting time, and getting discouraged.