Eternal Chi: Shaolin Meditations for Vitality, Health & Longevity
ISBN: 1641990481
EAN13: 9781641990486
Language: English
Pages: 146
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Eternal Chi: Shaolin Meditations for Vitality, Health & Longevity

Book Overview
Learn to tap into your chi The shaolin monks and nuns were legendary in their use of chi. What is chi? It's the life-force energy of the universe. All living things have chi, but they don't necessary have the same levels of chi. The monks and nuns knew this and developed a series of meditations that trained new students in how to quickly tap into chi, cultivate it, and circulate it throughout the body. 14 unique sitting meditations 18 unique standing meditations Each meditation has it's own special advanced-level breathing pattern Each meditation has a different hand posture based on the martial arts Who can learn these meditations? Almost anyone. They were designed for both the beginner and advanced students. If you practice yoga, Tai Chi, Zen, martial arts, you can follow in the footsteps of the Shaolin and readily adopt these meditations to your own practice. These meditations trace their lineage directly back to the Fukien Temple in China , one of the greatest and most legendary Shaolin Temples in history. The Shaolin Monks and Nuns used these meditations not just to enhance their chi but to heal themselves, increase their health and expand their longevity. The meditations form the basis of chi training in the temple. It taught students how to properly breathe, how to focus and concentrate, and it strengthened their body, mind and spirit. You, too, can learn what the Shaolin Masters knew and apply it to your own life.