Ethical Dilemmas in Education: Standing Up for Honesty and Integrity
ISBN: 1578867835
EAN13: 9781578867837
Language: English
Pages: 210
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Book Overview
Unethical practices in education come at too great a cost when our future generation is at stake. Educators are role models for students in their future careers and so must believe in and use ethical practices. In politics, in big and small business, and in legal and medical practice the question of ethical practices surrounds us. Have people become desensitized to ethics? Are we condoning unethical practice? Our educational profession must stand up for honesty and integrity. We, as educators, have the obligation of setting the standards for ethics. Ethical Dilemmas in Education addresses the dilemmas teachers face every day throughout all aspects of education in a comprehensive manner. The book outlines standards of professionalism and presents information teachers can use for the challenges teachers face. With the policies of today's educational system, teachers need to stand up for honesty and integrity, providing role models for students in their future careers. This book guides teachers towards developing ethical habits and a professional demeanor.