Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies
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Language: English
Publication Date: December 14, 2015
Pages: 408
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Book Overview
Grab these Excel formulas and functions to make your life easier Are you intimidated by major financial choices, like which loan to get or how to grow your savings? Don't worry--we all are But Excel Formulas & Functions For Dummies, 4 th Edition can take some of the pain out of the data organization and analysis processes. This step-by-step reference sheds light on Microsoft Excel's 150 most useful functions, and offers detailed instructions on how to implement them. Additionally, each function is illustrated by helpful, real-world examples that show how they are used within a larger formula. To take your knowledge of Excel's functions a step further, 85 specialized functions are described in abbreviated form so you can use Excel to better support your decision-making process when securing a mortgage, buying a car, computing classroom grades, evaluating investment performance, and more. Functions are predefined formulas that you can use to make data analysis a bit easier within the Microsoft Excel framework. Functions use specific values, called arguments, to calculate a variety of things, from simple sums and averages to more complicated loan payments. Explore the 150 most useful functions that help Microsoft Excel make your life easier Access real-world examples of how functions fit into larger formulas Discover 85 specialized functions, which are described in abbreviated form and take your knowledge of Excel to the next level Understand how Microsoft Excel can help you make key decisions, such as whether to go with a 15-year or 30-year mortgage Excel Formulas & Functions For Dummies, 4 th Edition brings order to chaotic data--and helps you make decisions with confidence
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Learn to: Use functions and understand how they work within a formula Take advantage of 150 built-in Excel functions Evaluate investment performance or forecast expenses Use Excel to compare rates to make good financial decisions Deciding on a mortgage? Need to track your expenses? Microsoft Excel can help--here's how! Excel is a tool that's equally useful for analyzing your investments and cataloging your recipes. So why not claim all the power it offers? This book shows you how to take advantage of over 150 built-in Excel functions that you can use in formulas to crunch numbers for just about every purpose. Best of all, it explains everything in plain English! If you're an Excel newbie -- get a quick course in how Excel works and how to use the formulas tab, Insert Functions dialog box, and array functions All about math -- discover math and finance-related functions that help you track costs, interest rates, and return on investments Statistically speaking -- explore functions used in descriptive statistics, including the Average function and others that help you glean details from your data Predicting the future -- learn how to use predicting factors to forecast and look for trends in your financial picture Strings attached -- find out how to manipulate and work with strings of text Digging in your data -- uncover ways to pluck pieces of data from a database and how IF, HLOOKUP, and VLOOKUP can make your life simpler Open the book and find: Ways to use Excel in decision-making Plenty of real-world examples Advice on managing inventory Cool database functions Help correcting formula errors Tips on working with dates and times How to create an amortization table The top ten functions you should know