Export/Import Procedures and Documentation
ISBN: 0814434754
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Language: English
Pages: 640
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Book Overview
The details of international business are growing more complex by the day-and even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves in need of guidance. This comprehensive answer book supplies readers with a clear view of the entire export/import process, explaining the ins and outs of shipping and insurance; payment mechanisms; distributors vs. agents; customs and export control requirements; and transportation issues. Featuring dozens of sample contracts, procedures, checklists, and ready-to-use forms-Export/Import Procedures and Documentation is an authoritative voice in the everchanging, often confusing world of international laws and regulations. The revised fifth edition contains new and expanded information on topics including: Corporate oversight and compliance * Valuation * The Export Control Reform Act * Licensing requirements and exceptions * International Commerce Trade Terminology * The shifting definition of Country of Origin * Specialized exporting and importing * And more Thorough and accessible, this trusted resource provides readers with the tools they need to manage supply chain dynamics around the world, and keep everything organized, up-to-date, and above board each step of the way.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Even if you're a seasoned export/import professional, you might be surprised at just how many different factors affect your international business strategy. For more than 20 years, one book has been the definitive authority on doing global business properly, legally--and profitably. Now in its fifth edition, Export/Import Procedures and Documentation has been revised and updated to reflect new changes in trade policies, regulations, and both U.S. and international law. Everything you need to grow and protect your business and its export and/or import dealings is included here, from sourcing good supply chain partners to keeping spotless, bullet-proof records. Boasting a peerless resume in both international business and the law that governs it, author Donna Bade has packed this latest work with: - Sample documents such as customs forms, purchase agreements, bills of lading, invoices, inspection certificates, penalty and seizure notices, letters of credit, and more - Everything you need to know about the several government agencies that oversee international sale and purchase - Training materials so your entire staff can hit the ground running - Planning and organization strategies to streamline every step and interaction - The latest information on new laws, stricter enforcement, and increased noncompliance penalties You'll get clear and consistent answers to questions regarding trade terminology, including a glossary of more than 250 terms and acronyms with unique or specialized meanings in export/import applications. Plus, a host of specific and detailed scenarios will light the way through specific and potentially problematic situations. You'll also learn how to create and manage more secure interactions and how to avoid the legal and procedural pitfalls that have tripped up many companies in recent years. International business opportunities never stop growing--nor do the opportunities to fail. Now more than ever, you need the knowledge, resources, and tools to help you do everything right. You need the fully updated fifth edition of Export/Import Procedures and Documentation .
From the front Cover As global political and economic landscapes shift and evolve, so do export and import challenges. And despite advances in technology, communication, and logistics, things are not getting any less complex. The ramifications of improper and/or uninformed procedures are serious, and one false move could be disastrous--even a death blow--to your organization. There has never been a more critical time to be up-to-date and in compliance with every single rule, law, regulation, and policy regarding your company's procedures and documentation as it does business in this hugely profitable but potentially treacherous landscape. The fifth edition of the landmark Export/Import Procedures and Documentation leaves absolutely no stone unturned, no potential trap overlooked. Every step of proper international business dealings is accounted for and covered in exhaustive detail, from initial presales work to post-customs final destination. With fully updated information on hundreds of topics, the book is the first and last word on: - Organizing for Importing and Exporting. Oversight and compliance; job responsibilities and interacting with other departments; important considerations in the hiring of foreign nationals. - International Trade Terminology (Incoterms(R)). Understanding what these standardized export and import terms mean--and what they don't. - Export Controls and Licenses. What each of the several export agencies controls and how to determine their requirements and any potential exceptions; how the 2009 Export Control Reform Initiative has changed, and continues to change, and what it means to your business. - Import Classification and Valuation. Antidumping and countervailing duties; duty reduction programs; and opportunities. - Country of Origin. How the meaning of this term changes with its purpose: basic duty purposes, free trade agreement purposes, government procurement purposes, and more; and when you can and cannot declare your products to be Made in the U.S.A. - Specialized Import and Export Situations. Information includes crucial updates on what additional government agencies and requirements you'll need to satisfy. - And much more. The book also includes a huge array of materials and tools for onsite use, including: - A simple yet thorough overview of export and import procedures - Guidance on Internet purchasing and sales - Dozens of sample documents and precise procedures--with checklists, so you'll know they are being followed to the letter - Questionnaires, drills, and debriefs to make sure you're prepared for the inevitable audit - Plain-language, super-detailed legal requirements--and sobering information on penalties for noncompliance - Sample contracts for both export and import - Exhaustive glossary of international trading terms and acronyms Export/Import Procedures and Documentation emphasizes real-world application and navigation of everyday and unforeseen trade circumstances, including detailed consideration of security issues: preimport and supply chain concerns, security filing requirements, and much more. There are also strategies and guidelines for importing and exporting online, and thorough discussion of Internet-based documentation, including the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and how to access and use State and Commerce Department websites. Indispensable in utility and unmatched in authority, Bade's latest handbook is simply the first and last word in doing global business the right way: with nothing left to chance, nothing open to undue scrutiny, and nothing to stop your enterprise from enjoying sustained and substantial growth. Donna L. Bade is the managing partner of the Chicago office of the international trade law firm of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. She began as a licensed customs broker and freight forwarder before attending law school. She has taught Import and Export Trade Law at The John Marshall Law School as well as given numerous seminars and webinars throughout the United States. She is past President of the Chicago Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association and of the Customs Committee of the Chicago Bar Association.