Family-id --- Intentional Direction: Discover Your Family's Unique Purpose and Passion!
ISBN: 0615586902
EAN13: 9780615586908
Language: English
Pages: 170
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The first time we had lunch together over a decade ago. What I thought would be just another lunch with a great guy from my church turned into a pivotal meeting for my life and family. With overwhelming passion, Greg barely touched his chicken sandwich as he vividly described to me all the plans he had for the Gunn family. 'Our family is our most important ministry. And if we help them know Christ, we can change the world ' Greg blurted out with contagious faith. ---Craig Groeschel There is a gigantic disconnect that exists in our minds. Really just a mirage-like separation between worlds: the spiritual and the secular. Certain basic principles are required to run a successful business - a decent business plan and goals. Try to leave as little as possible to chance and maximize your efficiency by making sure everything you do has a purpose. And furthermore that purpose serves the business. That same successful businessperson goes home, and doesn't have a clue. It's as though he thinks everything that he wants to happen at home is just going to happen by accident. That somehow it's just going to come together. It does not. Our goal is to teach and train more than one million families to stir it up and draw out the God-given purpose for their family, to lead them to write it down, to equip them to live it out, and inspire them topass it on to future generations.