Farm and Workshop Welding: Everything You Need to Know to Weld, Cut, and Shape Metal
ISBN: 1565237412
EAN13: 9781565237414
Language: English
Pages: 159
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Almost anyone can weld, cut, or shape metal. Supremely practical tips help the beginner improve and the intermediate operator broaden technique.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Your Guide to Successful Welding Welding is a valuable skill that almost anyone can learn. This comprehensive handbook gets you started with tips and suggestions from an experienced welding instructor. Straight to the point and easy to read, it covers all of the major types of welds, including arc welding, MIG welding, gas welding, TIG welding, plasma cutting, and more. This extremely detailed book is an ideal reference for farm, home workshop, school workshop, blacksmith shop or auto shop. Hundreds of step-by-step photographs illustrate welding processes and show the differences between good welds and bad welds. The author points out common pitfalls and mistakes, and offers constructive advice on how to correct or avoid problems. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced welder who wants to learn more, Farm and Workshop Welding provides a wealth of useful shop-tested advice. You'll discover everything you need to know to learn hands-on welding, and start repairing and creating metal equipment and structures. Inside you'll find practical instructions for: - Cast Iron Welding - Pipe Welding - Hardfacing - Soldering - Welding Plastics - Metal Identification - Welding Safety - Workshop Techniques - Drill Sharpening - Taps and Dies - Basic Blacksmithing