Fiber Optic Communications
ISBN: 0130085103
EAN13: 9780130085108
Language: English
Pages: 456
Edition: Revised
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Format: Hardcover
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Book Overview
This new and fully revised Fifth Edition of Fiber Optic Communications incorporates coverage of significant advances made in the fiber industry in recent years to present a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the basics of communicating with optical fiber transmission lines. Readers will learn system design as well as operating principles, characteristics, and application of the components that comprise fiber-optic systems. New and expanded topics include Raman amplifier, erbium-doped waveguide amplifier, the arrayed waveguide grating, electroabsorption modulator, optical micro-electro-mechanical (MEMs) components, dispersion compensation, tunable light sources, tunable filters, optical time-division multiplexing, dense and course wavelength-division multiplexing, increased utilization of the optical spectrum, and emphasis on external modulation. Other topics include fiber lasers and optical amplifiers, vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diodes, dense wavelength-division multiplexing, fiber Bragg grating technology, new component descriptions (fiber attenuator, circulator, and polarization controller), new phenomena descriptions (polarization mode dispersion, mode-partition noise), and power penalty. Expanded discussions of additional topics include polarization effects in fiber systems, integrated optic components, practical fiber connectors and how to minimize reflections. For practicing design engineers concerned with the selection and application of components and with the design of applications systems. For professionals involved with fiber optics, including high-level engineering decision makers, project managers, technicians, marketing and sales personnel, and teachers.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover The fifth edition of Fiber Optic Communications by Joseph C. Palais marks the book's twentieth anniversary. In the 20 years since the first edition of the book was published, fiber optics systems have become more flexible and less costly and information capacity and transmission length have increased. This edition includes the many new and improved components and system architectures that have been added to the fiber-optic-communications designer's tool kit. New component discussions describe Improved fibers that more fully utilize the optical spectrum Non-zero dispersion shifted fibers Graded-index polymer fibers Raman amplifiers Erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers Arrayed waveguide gratings Electroabsorption modulators Optical micro-electro-mechanical (MEMs) components Dispersion compensators Tunable light sources Tunable filters Small-form-factor connectors Non-adhesive splices Expanded coverage of system strategies and considerations include Optical time-division multiplexing Dense and coarse wavelength-division multiplexing Polarization mode dispersion External modulation The fifth edition also includes new problems, new figures, new worked examples, and an updated bibliography.