Fitness Launch Formula: The no fear, no b.s., no hype, action plan for launching a profitable fitness business in 60 days - from someone who's
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Fitness Launch Formula: The no fear, no b.s., no hype, action plan for launching a profitable fitness business in 60 days - from someone who's

Book Overview
The fitness industry is undergoing a fundamental change. Big-box gyms and large corporate fitness centers are no longer controlling the market; we are in the midst of a major paradigm shift. The time has never been better for you to step into the spotlight and open your own fitness business. Viral social media, virtual planning tools, and automated sales funnels have made it possible for ordinary people with a passion for fitness to create profitable business ventures almost overnight. When you follow the plan laid out for you in Fitness Launch Formula, you can move forward with confidence, knowing you are following a tested system that has generated millions in revenue across multiple niches. Your time to launch is now Brian Devlin's formula is not a theoretical notion. Since 2008, his companies have generated more than $3 million in fitness-related revenue. He has opened four successful fitness locations and co-opened two successful chiropractic offices. His online coaching programs reached members in 48 states and 23 countries, and he has personally coached dozens of struggling and successful fitness pros to use the methods discussed in Fitness Launch Formula. Some of Brian's students have gone on to open successful six- and seven-figure fitness ventures by following this simple blueprint, and now you can take the reins of your business with confidence. What do you have to lose? The Fitness Launch Formula is an eight-phase process that takes you from the foundational elements of your business identity to your grand opening, with specific, time-tested procedures, systems, and processes spelled out in a roadmap that is easy to follow: Phase 1: The foundational work, where you work through the process of building a killer brand. This can take up to 11 days and will require a lot of personal quiet time so you can get down to the heart of the matter at hand. Phase 2: Numbers, projections, and metrics. This is where you work through your processes, validate your business model and determine if your offering is viable enough to seek financing or invest your money. Phase 3: The groundwork phase, in which you select your site, design your layout, establish your product offerings, and create your online and offline marketing systems. Phase 4: The build-out phase, when you get your hands dirty and become fully committed to your venture. You will learn what you need to do to get it opened and running smoothly, from building permits, to buying equipment to negotiating a lease. Phase 5: The polishing phase, in which you tie up loose ends, obtain your certificate of occupancy, wrap up the detail work and get ready to start testing your systems thoroughly. Phase 6: The dry-run training phase, where you use test subjects to work through the entire customer process, then complete your facility audit. You get feedback needed to make the necessary changes and prepare for your soft launch. Phase 7: The soft launch where you draw a select number of targeted leads into your funnel and run them through, just like you would for a grand opening. You gather final feedback, make the needed adjustments to your systems and your facility and prepare for your grand opening. Phase 8: Grand Opening, where you plan and execute your public opening and go through your proprietary post-opening activities. If you read and implement the strategies and game plan laid out for you in Fitness Launch Formula, you will fall in love with the business that you build. You just have to take the first step. Throw away everything inside you that says you can't, and find that one place in the center of your fear that still holds hope. Nurture that. Believe in it. This roadmap will get you there.