Freaks & Other Family: Two Stories
ISBN: 0998403202
EAN13: 9780998403205
Language: English
Pages: 54
Format: Paperback

Freaks & Other Family: Two Stories

Book Overview
Two short stories set in the world of Lish McBride's necromancer books. You Make Me Feel So Young: When Sam and Ramon volunteer to accompany a friend to a black-tie event, they are unprepared for the forces at play among the guests. As the true nature of the evening is revealed, can a necromancer, a were-bear and a vampire stave off disaster? Halfway Through the Wood: Ramon's life has changed significantly since his best friend turned out to be a necromancer: he's encountered a magical reality beneath the mundane, full of extraordinary and dangerous people and creature, experienced loss, and become a were-bear. And yet, with all of these new challenges and marvels, sometimes the toughest obstacles are closer to home.