Get Ready! for Social Studies: World History
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Get Ready! for Social Studies: World History

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Book Overview
Everything parents need to help their kids succeed in social studies The only comprehensive social studies skill-building series available, the Get Ready For Social Studies series equips proactive parents with the tools they need to help their children develop the core skills required to perform at grade level in social studies-related subjects. Organized chronologically from pre-history to the present, this guide illustrates the developments in all parts of the world during each major time period, including historical events and related economic developments, as well as movements in art, science, technology, and human thought.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HELP YOUR KIDS SUCCEED IN SOCIAL STUDIES You know that how a child performs in the first six years of school has a profound influence on the rest of his or her life. That's why you're so eager to help your kids do the best they can in all the core subjects taught in grade school. Written by experts in primary school education, the Get Ready! for Social Studies series empowers you with the tools you need to help your grade-schoolers develop and hone the skills needed to perform at grade level, or better, in socialstudies-related subjects. The only comprehensive skill-building series of its kind, the Get Ready! for Social Studies series makes it easy for you to take a proactive role in your children's education and oversee their progress. Each grade-specific guide in this hands-on series corresponds to the content found in social studies curricula across the country. And each features expert tips, techniques, and practice exercises, in abundance, to bring students' classroom performance up to snuff, while also providing them with a head start in preparing for state-mandated tests. Get Ready! for Social Studies: World History is arranged in chronological order from pre-history to the present day, illustrating the major developments throughout the world during every major time-period. Covering movements in art, science, technology, and progressions in human thought and philosophy, World History examines human interaction as well as historical events and major economic developments. Only the Get Ready! for Social Studies series features: Sample problems and practice exercises mirroring the content found in classrooms and on standardized tests Creative techniques for helping kids master grade-appropriate concepts Skill reviews after every section that help parents gauge kid's progress Final tests to assess performance levels and identify areas that still need work Tables of state-mandated tests Other volumes in the Get Ready! for Social Studies series include: Get Ready! for Social Studies: Book Reports, Essays, and Research Papers Get Ready! for Social Studies: Civics, Government, and Citizenship Get Ready! for Social Studies: Geography Get Ready! for Social Studies: World History Chapters include: The World before Civilization The First Civilizations (5000 b.c. -1200 b.c.) Civilization Expands (1200 b.c.-500 b.c.) The Classical World (500 b.c.-a.d. 1) Decline of the Ancient world (a.d. 1-a.d. 400) Religious Empires (a.d. 400-1000) New Social Orders (1000-1350) A World Reborn (1350-1500) The Sixteenth Century Trade and Colonization (1600-1750) Industry and Revolution (1750-1850) The Triumph of Nationalism (1850-1907) The World at War (1900-1950) The Shrinking World (1950-present)