Ginger's Journey
ISBN: 1462064655
EAN13: 9781462064656
Language: English
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback
Publisher: iUniverse
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Book Overview
When Ginger the puppy goes to visit Nanny's farm, Ginger's dad tells her to go straight to the farm and not stop along the road. But along the way, Ginger meets several creatures who need her help. When Ginger stops to take a drink from the pond, she meets a fish named Samantha who is stuck on the shore. Then, she meets a turtle named Tiffany who is turned over on her back. She also runs into Ruby, a robin who has fallen from her nest. Although Ginger wants to help her new friends, she remembers the promise that she made to her dad, and she knows that she needs to get to Nanny's farm soon. Ginger has to choose: will she keep the promise she made to her dad, or will she help her new friends with their troubles?