Go for It...Mastering Negotiations
ISBN: 0998938408
EAN13: 9780998938400
Language: English
Pages: 112
Format: Paperback

Go for It...Mastering Negotiations

Book Overview
Masters at negotiation, the authors share their years of firsthand experience in negotiating for the all-win outcome. Sharon learned negotiations with Ministers of Health and Education in countries throughout Eastern Europe, and C-Suite leaders worldwide. In negotiating strategy that would benefit all parties, she mastered the fine art of negotiating for leadership and keeping her cool under pressure. Stephen, a hospital turnaround specialist, mastered the art of the deal by making financially compromised hospitals cash-flow profitable. With limited resources, and without compromising quality, he turned failures into successes. An understanding of both sides of the aisle or ocean is essential to one's negotiating and leadership success. Agreements and relationships are critical in today's global business environment. In this book, you will gain the negotiation strategies needed to handle difficult people, manage conflict, and pick your battles. Preparation is the key to feeling confident and ready to create an all-win outcome. In this tell-all approach to negotiations, the reader will learn how voice, body language, eye contact, and yes, personality, affect behaviors, outcomes, and communication. From Main Street to Wall Street, Go for It engages the reader in mastering the negotiation.