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Pages: 137
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Book Overview
Is Greed good? The future of Earth and all of mankind may hang on that one question. And George Marquis Lorrilard--a space age ace-pilot, adventurer and fortune-hunter to rival Hans Solo of Star Wars--is just the man to answer it. The world is divided between Asia and the United Continents--two great super powers locked in eternal warfare. But the balance of power is about to shift in Asia's favor. They have developed a top-secret weapon--the cohesion projector-that could lead to annihilation on an unprecedented scale.... But as far as Lorrilard is concerned, the number one problem with the projector is that it stands in the way of his profits. Can he find a way to subvert the powerful weapon and resume his enterprising exploits through leadership and self deception? For millions of people on Earth survival may ultimately depend on the power of one man's need speed and Greed. Greed was the last L. Ron Hubbard story published in Astounding Science Fiction in April 1950, marking the end of an era. Over a decade before, he had been a key figure in the opening of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Now, as he turned his attention to other writings, the Golden Age drew to a close. But some three decades after this story appeared, Hubbard would make a triumphant return to the field with the publication of his bestselling novel Battlefield Earth and the extraordinary ten-volume series Mission Earth. Also includes the science fiction adventures, The Final Enemy, in which Earth discovers it faces a distant, yet devastating new foe, the identity of which is the most shocking blow of all, and The Automagic Horse, the story of a Hollywood special effects wizard who is about to apply his movie magic to a project that is out of this world. A wonderfully rich and textured experience, complete with realistic sound effects and moody atmospheric music. --Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award winner for 2008 New York Times Bestselling Author L. Ron Hubbard Fiction Book

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