Handbook of Business Valuation
ISBN: 0471297879
EAN13: 9780471297871
Language: English
Pages: 624
Edition: Revised
Dimensions: 2.00" H x 10.00" L x 6.00" W
Weight: 2.00 lbs.
Format: Hardcover
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover The most complete guide to business valuation written by industry-leading valuation specialists! Handbook of Business Valuation Second Edition In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of the number-one guide to business valuation, nearly 50 experts provide expert advice and guidance on all facets of the subject. This is a single-source guide to valuation approaches and methods, in addition to all of the procedures necessary to accurately value a business. The Second Edition of the Handbook of Business Valuation enables you to find precisely the information you need; just go directly to the chapter concerning the topic you are interested in. There is no need to read the entire volume-it's quick and easy. This is the only valuation book you need. It provides chapters on valuing specific businesses, such as: software companies, radio and cable stations, medical practices, home-based businesses, and many more, plus a special chapter on researching business valuation information on the Internet. * An entire chapter on commonly used rules of thumb * Business valuation from the perspective of the buyer, seller, lawyer, lender, and others * All updated information, plus much that's new * Important sections on family limited partnerships, intellectual property issues, minority interests, and much more
From the front Cover Handbook of Business Valuation Second Edition Welcome to the Second Edition of the most complete guide to business valuation currently available. Like its critically acclaimed predecessor, this revised and updated edition contains contributions written by nearly 50 top consultants, appraisers, intermediaries, attorneys, CPAs, and other experts who share their expertise and knowledge in all aspects of business valuation. The Second Edition of the Handbook of Business Valuation begins with the reasons to value a business and who should do it. It continues with business valuation from many perspectives, covering all aspects from recasting the financial statements (finding the hidden value of a business) and all of the methods used to value a business. Also included is the new but often-used Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Method, an Income Approach. The book's emphasis is on the practical aspects of business valuation. The contributors are practitioners and experts, so the information is hands-on. You'll find: * In-depth coverage of established practices and techniques, including statistical techniques, machinery and equipment valuation, how to use market data, plus many others * Step-by-step guidance on performing valuations for a vast range of business types and industries, including retail, manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, publishing, and more * A gold mine of information covering all phases of the valuation process written by experts in each area * Up-to-the-minute coverage of valuation information, including the use and abuse of expert witnesses, and where to find industry information and market data The Second Edition of the Handbook of Business Valuation is an indispensable tool of the trade for both new and experienced business appraisers. It is also a valuable working reference for accountants, CPAs, attorneys, business brokers, intermediaries, and anyone involved in business transactions.