How to Motivate Every Employee
ISBN: 0071823107
EAN13: 9780071823104
Language: English
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Your people want to be motivated, to be inspired to do their best work, and to perform at their highest levels. Your job as a manager is to help your employees achieve their goals. How to Motivate Every Employee will show you how to unharness your employees' motivation by uncovering their inner needs and desires and demonstrating how to relate them to your organization's goals and activities in a way that benefits you both. Written by Anne Bruce, a top motivational coach whose work has been used at Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry's, Southwest Airlines, and hundreds of other corporations worldwide, this nuts-andbolts guidebook has tangible techniques and idea starters on virtually every page to help you: Make employees feel like partners instead of workers Show everyone how they contribute to, and profit from, the big picture Encourage intelligent risktaking and demonstrate its positive rewards Develop an organization with freeflowing, two-way communication, from top-to-bottom Hire people you want to keep and build a culture that makes them want to stay Transform a group of individuals into a unified and results-focused team How to Motivate Every Employee shows you how it's all done. From giving employees a meaningful purpose to providing them with tangible rewards, this concise rulebook will give you the knowledge you need to infuse your employees and organization with passion, camaraderie, and motivation.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover LEARN HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR WORKFORCE--FOR THEIR OWN CAREERS AND THE SUCCESS OF YOUR FIRM As a manager, your career success depends in large part on the performance of your employees. How to Motivate Every Employee details the employee-friendly guidelines and motivational models that have helped top companies build and sustain unprecedented success, and it reveals how you can adapt and implement them in your organization. This powerful manager's reference will provide you with the tools you need to: Build and retain a motivated workforce Encourage intelligent risk taking Cultivate characteristics of an effective organization Inspire creative thinking Affirm the link between motivation and performance Offer clear incentives and morale boosters Spread power Build trust Attack de-motivators