How to Swear: An Illustrated Guide (Dictionary for Swear Words, Funny Gift, Book about Cursing)
ISBN: 1452167761
EAN13: 9781452167763
Language: English
Publication Date: April 10, 2018
Pages: 192
Weight: 1.74 lbs.
Format: Hardcover
Book Overview
Even the most profane practitioner of the vulgar tongue must sometimes wonder, Am I doing it right? This highly entertaining and crucially informative visual guide to the art of swearing employs a variety of quick-read charts and helpful strategies to take salty skills to the next level. Offering history and etymology along with guidance, quips, insults, answers to lingering questions, and much more, How to Swear celebrates the rude ingenuity of using a naughty word to express surprise, excitement, anger, joy, or disgust, limited only by the imagination. It's inspiring. It's educational. It's dirty. It's here to change lives or, at the very least, add some f*#&ing color to the conversation.