How to Tell Stories to Children: And Everyone Else Too
ISBN: 057855027X
EAN13: 9780578550275
Language: English
Pages: 152
Format: Paperback

How to Tell Stories to Children: And Everyone Else Too

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Book Overview
This book combines the modern science of storytelling with a step-by-step method for parents, grandparents, educators, and anyone interested in a lasting relationship with children. Storytelling is as old as cave paintings, and as modern as blockbuster movies. What we now know from evolutionary theorists, neurologists, psychologists, and academics is that storytelling is not just for fun. It is a cognitive tool humans evolved to transfer knowledge, attract and retain attention, and build trust. When viewed from this lens, storytelling becomes about the relationship between parent (or speaker) and child, not just the narrative. This is why it's such a vital tool for parents and anyone interested in helping set the next generation on good footing. Fortunately, it's easy. If this book can be reduced to one message it's this: you are already a good storyteller. It's literally in your genes. By following the simple steps contained in this book, you can tap into skills your ancestors set in place to create lasting relationships with your children, friends and family.