Idol Worship
ISBN: 099876082X
EAN13: 9780998760827
Language: English
Pages: 94
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The American church today is full of idolatry. We may not worship graven images, but we do worship other gods. Most of which we're not even aware of. The gods of our preferences. The gods of our selfish endeavors. When we gather for corporate worship on Sunday mornings, many of us believe we are worshipping God-alone, when we are actually worshipping God-and. God and our idols. Style preference, traditions, even doctrine can be an idol. This book presents 14 golden calves that are keeping today's church from its destiny. If we really step back and, for just a moment, stop presuming that we have it all together, the Lord of our lives will reveal to us areas that He wants to correct and purify.