Im Abbreviations, Texting & Emoticons
ISBN: 1423229851
EAN13: 9781423229858
Language: English
Pages: 6
Format: Other
Book Overview
It is the future, so decode and use shorthand to communicate faster and with less thumb and finger strain. Emoticons are a lot of fun but more importantly add emotional tone so messages are not taken the wrong way. And for parents, this is your decoder guide to a new life language for kids, so stay in the conversation. Suggested uses: o Device Users - Increase your shorthand knowledge and increase how much you communicate and how fast o Text & Chat Novices - still wondering what WEG is? Find out in one glance with this handy reference o Parents - all kids with devices text, some text or chat with code so that you can not read the conversation, a smaller percentage are chatting with the wrong people - stay in the know for safety