Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Chump Change Edition)
ISBN: 164032030X
EAN13: 9781640320307
Language: English
Pages: 104
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Unabridged edition of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, provided here for chump change. The voice of Harriet Jacobs, slave, as she struggles for identity and freedom. What is it to serve a master? What is it to know you are free? Read for yourself. CONTENTS I. CHILDHOOD 4 II. THE NEW MASTER AND MISTRESS. 6 III. THE SLAVES' NEW YEAR'S DAY. 8 IV. THE SLAVE WHO DARED TO FEEL LIKE A MAN. 9 V. THE TRIALS OF GIRLHOOD. 15 VI. THE JEALOUS MISTRESS. 17 VII. THE LOVER. 20 VIII. WHAT SLAVES ARE TAUGHT TO THINK OF THE NORTH. 23 IX. SKETCHES OF NEIGHBORING SLAVEHOLDERS. 24 X. A PERILOUS PASSAGE IN THE SLAVE GIRL'S LIFE. 28 XI. THE NEW TIE TO LIFE. 31 XII. FEAR OF INSURRECTION. 33 Plus More All 41 Chapters