iPhone Photography for Dummies
ISBN: 1119687799
EAN13: 9781119687795
Language: English
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback

iPhone Photography for Dummies

Book Overview
Professional quality photos from an iPhone The majority of the 1 trillion+ photos shot in a year are taken with the camera on a smartphone. That's not a bad thing as images shot on a mobile device rival the quality of images taken with a professional camera. A little know-how can help you create images worth bragging about. iPhone photography expert Mark Hemmings shares his experience and insight in creating amazing images. Whether you're shooting with a multi-lens iPhone 11 or a single lens older model, this book shares the photography and editing techniques to get the best results. Inside... * Instant results from an iPhone * Adjusting camera settings * Creating landscape images * Capturing action shots * Shooting portraits * Selecting an editing app * Sharing and organizing images * Tips for shooting on the go
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Move beyond simple point-and-shoot photos Get pro results from your iPhone 11 or older iPhone Discover simple edits that enhance your images Create beautiful photos with an iPhone The majority of the 1 trillion photos shot each year are taken with a smartphone camera. The combination of ease of use, quick results, and high image quality combines to help iPhone users create brilliant photos anywhere and anytime. In this book, iPhone photography expert Mark Hemmings shares his deep experience and insight on creating top-quality images with an iPhone. Whether you're using a multi-lens iPhone 11 or an older model, you'll discover the shooting and editing techniques that get stunning results. Inside... Optimize your settings Create landscape images Capture action shots Shoot portraits Master the selfie Select an editing app Share and organize images