Islesboro Perpetual Almanac: Essential indispensable Islesboro guide to hidden assumed perennial information
ISBN: 1941795641
EAN13: 9781941795644
Language: English
Pages: 294
Dimensions: 1.00" H x 11.00" L x 9.00" W
Weight: 2.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

Islesboro Perpetual Almanac: Essential indispensable Islesboro guide to hidden assumed perennial information

Book Overview
Aware of the social embarrassment suffered by countless industrialists, entertainers, media folk, matrons, and out-of-state motorists who haven't vacationed on Islesboro in recent years, or who, in lieu of a sojourn on the Cote d'Azur are forced to stay home and fertilize the back yard or redecorate the gazebo, Islesboro's island muse has devised yet another unique book.The Islesboro Perpetual Almanac is guaranteed to allow you to create the illusion of having actually spent the dog days buckity-bucking with the summer colonists and natives of the world's most infamous island. This fun-packed gay souvenir, left casually atop your desk, will mark you as an insatiable Islesboro-Island-ite , as will smudging it and ripping it in various degrees to give it a much-thumbed-through appearance. Cut out the illustrations, and glue them with carefree abandon all over your luggage. Or leave this tucked inside the magazine bin in your bathroom, and impress the people visiting you. Planning a visit? You need this book. 'An watch out fer' them little fritters when you come on over; baby ducklings may suddenly cross the road. Sukey Love, 5th generation to visit Islesboro for the summer and I just just won't leave The Islesboro Perpetual Almanac , the island's Gideon Our island muse's magical mental factory of marvels has popped out another gem. Somewhat surreal and nostalgic, at the same time, it manages to enchant us with its' novel quirkiness. Buy one, buy two, color it, put it in the guest room, send it to a friend M. Geoffrey Raymond, writer: When it comes to Debra's books, you can't eat just one. A small cash donation guarantees you a 24/7 acronym decoder for island patois, great recipes, bad puns, sneak previews of the best seasonal turkey shoots, ferry fights, table place card settings, and souvenir menus. Always enlightening, invariably funny, some stories just couldn't be told briefly because there were lots of pages to fill up. Wet your whistle for Islesboro with island tips juxtaposed alongside ancient Persian quips and hilarious illustrations. Perpetual Almanac is not an oxymoron. Grab your crayons and come sit a spell. Kary Castien, Cast Publicity, Islesboro summer visitor: Brand new All true In majestic bright Black & White Heralded by all the in (and out) people, all sexes, sizes, shapes, ages, and persuasions (that about covers the bases, no?), so with a total lack of restraint, I call it SENSATIONAL . From ten houses away, you can see it. Show island lovers everywhere you've done a good deed; buy this book. A portion of every sale goes to island charity.