Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb
ISBN: 0578496267
EAN13: 9780578496269
Language: English
Pages: 358
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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Gateway Books

Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb

Book Overview
Picked by Amazon Book Review Editors as one of their favorite History Books of 2018. International Best-selling author spent years living and studying in India and remote Himalayan locations, following the Old Silk Road and the legends of Jesus. She accessed obscure relics and scrolls, and has raised alarms worldwide about the risk of terrorism destroying the evidence the world needs. If there is one chance in a million, or one in a billion that the Roza Bal tomb, or any of the artifacts associated with it, are not fakes, but are indeed connected with Jesus in any way, then the world needs to act quickly to save them and scientifically catalog them before it's too late. No armchair scholar, her extensive and well-written research is backed up with meticulous notes and resources, dozens of rare photographs, charts and maps. A fascinating work of deep reflection and mesmerizing personal experiences, combining her own genealogy quest with rare 'boots on the ground' kind of research acquired at great personal risk. Olsson is now the world's leading expert on the Roza Bal tomb. This book is a classic worldwide, and best-seller among Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims seeking the historical connections to their origins. This is the 5th and final updated edition.