Just Like Us! Crocs
ISBN: 0358003903
EAN13: 9780358003908
Language: English
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Get the scoop on some of nature's most fearsome predators and discover the unexpected ways humans and crocodilians are similar in Just Like Us Crocs. Appealing mix of photographs and cartoon illustrations. What animals love to bask in the sun, cool off with a quick swim, and don't always get along with their siblings? CROCS While they might seem as different from us as animals can possibly be, we actually have a lot in common with our crocodilian comrades -- alligators, crocodiles, muggers, caimans, and gharials. From tending to their young, to surfing a wave, crocodilians are a lot like us--though with fascinating twists all their own. Factual, funny, and featuring a dynamic mix of photographs and cartoon illustrations, Just Like Us Crocs will charm even the most reluctant nonfiction readers.