Key to Success
ISBN: 1420853651
EAN13: 9781420853650
Language: English
Pages: 124
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
This poetry book is filled with a variety of poems that are based on personal experiences, true stories, tragedies and internal feelings. The poems are designed to help inspire, motivate and guide individuals that might have experienced similar incidents, issues and/or challenges in their lives. The content/material used in this book is primarily intended to be clean and appropriate for all age readers; however, each individual reader may perceive/interpret the information differently and evaluate it based upon their own personal preference/experiences. Furthermore the provided content/material written in this book is not intended to offend or cause harmful feelings toward any one particular individual, gender, religion, race and/or cultural group of people. As the author, I would like for you to utilize this book as a learning tool and to view it from a positive perspective. In the event you find that the content/material in this book is too challenging, or you are having a difficult time comprehending/understanding it; simply read the content/material a second time for a better understanding I would like to thank each and everyone who actually supported me by purchasing this book. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it and the many more to come