Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings
ISBN: 1784977543
EAN13: 9781784977542
Language: English
Pages: 400
Format: Hardcover
Book Overview
Hapless would-be journalist Laura Lake goes undercover at wedding season. But she hasn't prepared for disappearing brides, secret royal orgies, or a jealous office rival. Will Laura get the scoop of the year? Or will she be out on her ear? Laura Lake longs to be a journalist. Instead she's an unpaid intern at a glossy magazine--sleeping in the fashion cupboard and living on canap s. But she's just got her first big break: infiltrate three society weddings and write a juicy expos . Security will be tighter than a bodycon dress, but how hard can it be? Cue disappearing brides, demanding socialites--and a jealous office enemy who will do anything to bring her down.