Law and the Political Economy of Hunger
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Law and the Political Economy of Hunger

Book Overview
After the global food crisis of 2007-2011, many Non-Government Organizations blamed financial speculators trading in commodity derivatives, viewing Speculator-driven price volatility in grain markets as the reason for an epidemic of world hunger. In Law and the Political Economy of World Hunger, Anna Chadwick examines how true this is. Contradicting the prevailing tendency to view the debate entirely in terms of financial investors, Chadwick draws on the recent work of the social studies of finance to argue that it may no longer be possible to distinguish between 'true' prices for commodities and the prices of these commodities as listed by derivatives markets. There is no longer a neat distinction between 'hedging' in financial markets and distortive 'speculative' trading. In the light of this stance, Chadwick examines how effective new regulations introduced in the United States and Europe really are, before arguing that existing legal regimes spanning domestic contract law, private property rights, transnational private regulation, categories of public international law, norms of international trade and investment law, and even human rights, are the real culprits for the tragedy of world hunger.