Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide
ISBN: 1119490480
EAN13: 9781119490487
Language: English
Pages: 592
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Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide

Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Learning in Adulthood For this new edition of Learning in Adulthood we have paid particular attention to work published since the last edition of the book. This edition builds on material in the 2007 edition, bringing together the important contributions of the past dozen or so years to our understanding of adult learning. While we have preserved important foundational material (such as a discussion of andragogy), we have also brought to bear the most recent thinking and research. We have endeavored to put together a comprehensive overview and synthesis of what we know about adult learning: the current context in which it takes place, who the participants are, what they learn and why, the nature of the learning process itself, new approaches to adult learning, the development of theory in adult learning, and other issues relevant to understanding adult learning. --From the Preface Previous praise for Learning in Adulthood An essential volume in adult learning. -- Choice, a publication of the American Library Association This book is extremely useful in that it provides an informed overview of issues related to adult learning. It is very readable, yet packs considerable challenge for the more experienced adult educator. -- Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education Learning in Adulthood's greatest strengths are its coverage of the learning context, theory-building within adult learning, and how social and ethical issues offer special challenges to adult learning. It will be useful to both experienced and novice continuing educators, as well as laypersons. -- Continuing Higher Education Review
From the front Cover Read the updated, definitive guide to adult learning Ever since the first edition of Learning in Adulthood was published, it's been regarded as one of the most authoritative texts in the field of adult learning. This edition continues to provide readers with valuable insights and fresh perspectives on this topic. Incorporating both foundational and new research, the authors explain various ways in which learning may occur during adulthood. They also observe the field through numerous sociocultural lenses, helping readers better understand how adult learning relates to such ideas as postmodernism, feminist theory, and more. This lends the material an essential degree of context in today's world. This edition of Learning in Adulthood offers value to those just entering the field, as well as seasoned professionals. New readers benefit from a comprehensive overview of adult learning. Experienced professionals benefit from learning about the latest research and developments. Whether you're an educator, administrator, or student, Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide, Fourth Edition, remains an invaluable resource.