Legendary Planet: To Worlds Unknown
ISBN: 069256358X
EAN13: 9780692563588
Language: English
Pages: 104
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
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Book Overview
A New Universe of Adventure Awaits To Worlds Unknown is a sword-and-planet adventure that takes your Pathfinder campaign out of this world, literally. Stranded inside an interplanetary prison collapsing under its own weight, your heroes must strive to survive against their brutish taskmasters and an array of hideous and hostile mutates making their own bids for freedom. Escape through a malfunctioning gateway only plunges them further into danger, in the midst of an otherworldly gateway city as riddled with crime and corruption as it is with fluctuating portals to myriad worlds, each controlled by its own faction. A way home eludes the PCs as they try to establish some foothold of safety and sanity in a world not their own, and the vengeful master of their ruined prison is not done with them yet. Every step your heroes take leads them further into danger as they venture To Worlds Unknown This adventure for characters from 2nd to 5th level can be played as the initial adventure in a cosmic saga, using characters at least somewhat acquainted with the star-spanning civilizations of Legendary Planet, or as the next step for off-world heroes from a typical fantasy campaign who may have completed the Legendary Planet prequel adventure, The Assimilation Strain. Either way, this adventure grounds the characters in an exotic and alien landscape and society, setting the tone for the upcoming adventures in the Legendary Planet series that will take them to other worlds, from asteroid cities and water worlds, to the roving moons of a gas giant and beyond. In the course of the campaign, they will uncover long-forgotten eldritch evils, unravel insidious alien conspiracies, and stand against incredible foes whose mission is conquest or, failing that, annihilation Pick up the companion adventure, The Assimilation Strain, right here on Amazon http: //www.amazon.com/Legendary-Planet-The-Assimilation-Strain/dp/0692488464

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