Liberation Into Orgasm: Through Pleasure Beyond Pleasure
ISBN: 173218240X
EAN13: 9781732182400
Language: English
Pages: 196
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Liberation into Orgasm is an invitation to go through pleasure beyond pleasure. This book is not just a bunch of nice ideas that are only good for the mind, it is an invitation to experience Life totally, and live fully, unapologetically, shamelessly as You. This book is for those who are either intrigued by sex but feel a little shy and perhaps have never experienced an orgasm, and for those who are very open yet have the intuition that there must be more to sexuality. And forgive me for running ahead, but yes, there is always more to sexuality. This books is for those who have endless spiritual thirst and those who wish to feel more connected to their true Self in every moment of their life. In the modern day world, we tend to think that sex and spirit are separate from each other. Or, that in order to access the spirit, we need to transcend sex. With this book, I want to serve the healing of the split that we have created between sex and spirit. This split is what causes disconnection, shame, guilt and judgment around something that is the most powerful creative force that moves through human beings - our sexual energy. With this book, I want to reveal the tantric perspective of what is really possible for each human being in this Life. With this book I want to invite you on a journey that will take us through pleasure beyond pleasure. Tantra teaches us to live fully. When someone chooses the path of Tantra, it means they choose to go all the way. To live Tantra means not to shy away from any of the aspects of our life. To find out about the book tour and a free event exclusive for my Readers please visit