Live Your Playlist: How to Get Your S#&! Together One Song at a Time
ISBN: 0692289046
EAN13: 9780692289044
Language: English
Pages: 188
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
What is YOUR song? Why do you listen to the same lyrics over and over again? For motivation? Nostalgia? Heart break? Through story-telling and some adult language, Live Your Playlist: How To Get Your S*** Together One Song at a Time will tell you how to become empowered through the music that you love Live Your Playlist is not a typical self-help book. You'll read advice on how to live your walk out song (after a bad breakup); how to fine tune your people picker (after a betrayal); how to be the lead actor in your life (when you doubt yourself); why to ignore what ifs (when you're redefining what you want to be when you grow up);the reasons to forgive (when you never hear the words I'm sorry) and more This book is honest and raw. Funny and heart-breaking. Strong and vulnerable. Live Your Playlist takes you on the writer's journey of job loss, betrayals, health scares and life-changing moments (including memorable exchanges with Hollywood A-listers). But behind every story, there is truth on how to become stronger, wiser and healthier while you're trying to get your s*** together one song at a time.