Lost and Found: Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students (And, While You're at It, All the Others)
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Pages: 224
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Book Overview
Implement a more constructive approach to difficult students Lost and Found is a follow-up to Dr. Ross Greene's landmark works, The Explosive Child and Lost at School , providing educators with highly practical, explicit guidance on implementing his Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Problem Solving model with behaviorally-challenging students. While the first two books described Dr. Greene's positive, constructive approach and described implementation on a macro level, this useful guide provides the details of hands-on CPS implementation by those who interact with these children every day. Readers will learn how to incorporate students' input in understanding the factors making it difficult for them to meet expectations and in generating mutually satisfactory solutions. Specific strategies, sample dialogues, and time-tested advice help educators implement these techniques immediately. The groundbreaking CPS approach has been a revelation for parents and educators of behaviorally-challenging children. This book gives educators the concrete guidance they need to immediately begin working more effectively with these students. Implement CPS one-on-one or with an entire class Work collaboratively with students to solve problems Study sample dialogues of CPS in action Change the way difficult students are treated The discipline systems used in K-12 schools are obsolete, and aren't working for the kids to whom they're most often applied - those with behavioral challenges. Lost and Found provides a roadmap to a different paradigm, helping educators radically transform the way they go about helping their most challenging students.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Praise for LOST & FOUND Dealing with challenging behaviors? The first goal is to alter your lenses, to understand that challenging behavior is the result of lagging skills. The second is to start solving problems together and teach those skills. Lost and Found is a must read. --MICHELLE GARCIA WINNER, MA-CCC, speech language pathologist; founder, Social Thinking Lost and Found gives readers lots of examples for how Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) process works--and how to avoid pitfalls--at every step of the way. The process he describes is the best way to engage kids and adults in mutual problem solving that, at its core, removes blame and replaces it with respect. --PEG DAWSON, EdD, NCSP, co-author, Smart but Scattered and Smart but Scattered Teens For those perplexed by how to positively support students with challenging behavior, Lost and Found is a game changer. Greene brings a fresh perspective on the subject and clearly articulates the essentials to get everyone on the upswing. --LEAH KUYPERS, MA, occupational therapist; author, The Zones of Regulation: A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control Greene's CPS model encourages school staff to look at behaviorally challenging students from a new frame of reference: kids are very capable of providing information about why they're having difficulty meeting certain expectations; they're eager to partner with adults in solving the problems that are affecting their lives; and they're capable of developing new skills. Lost and Found provides the tools to help schools abandon old, toxic ways of responding to challenging behavior. --DEBRA THIBODEAU, MEd, CAS, school counselor, Georgetown, ME Throughout Lost and Found , the voices of educators are a testament to how this simple, research-based process, done with rigor, results in changing beliefs, practices, and school cultures. Ross Greene should be considered a living, international treasure. --PEGGY BLAIR, superintendent of education, Avon Maitland District School Board, Ontario, Canada
From the front Cover lost and Found is the next-step resource to the groundbreaking books The Explosive Child and Lost at School . In Lost and Found , Dr. Ross W. Greene provides educators, parents, and other caregivers with the practical guidance needed for implementing his empirically-supported Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) problem solving model with behaviorally-challenging students. This model helps caregivers understand and help behaviorally challenging students in ways that are nonpunitive, nonadversarial, skill building, relationship-enhancing, collaborative, proactive, and--most importantly-- helpful . Lost and Found is a hands-on guide that provides the details for applying the CPS model for anyone who interacts with challenging children on a daily basis. It addresses the needs of students whose difficulties meeting social, emotional, or behavioral expectations are expressed through severe behaviors. But the model also applies to well-behaved kids. Lost and Found is filled with illustrative stories and examples from visionary educators who have successfully implemented the CPS model in their schools and classrooms and helped hundreds of vulnerable, at-risk children in the process. Dr. Greene describes the process--and provides extensive examples--for identifying the skills a challenging child is lacking and the expectations the student is having difficulty meeting. Once these factors are known, it is possible to start solving problems proactively. He also describes the process for solving problems collaboratively, and provides not only multiple examples of the process but also guidance for organizing the effort in a school and coaching others in the use of the model. Lost and Found offers a positive, proven paradigm for helping educators radically transform the way they go about assisting their most challenging students.