Maszada: A Szinaji Tragedia
ISBN: 0998959383
EAN13: 9780998959382
Language: Hungarian
Pages: 140
Format: Paperback

Maszada: A Szinaji Tragedia - Hungarian Language Edition

Book Overview
Dr. Eugene Heimler's THE STORM is a powerful drama in verse that reveals the secret of the survival of the Jewish people and how the Jews have been able to overcome history's never-ending challenges. The drama is rooted in the author's personal Nazi death-camp experiences and his ongoing meditation on the Jewish tragedy of Masada. It illuminates how societal barbarism enabled Romans, Christians and Nazis to avoid and deny personal responsibility for their hatred, cruelty and massacres. Yet, despite a history punctuated by atrocities, Heimler breathes hope into the future for Jews, by voicing God's affirmation of the eternity of their survival. This masterpiece is particularly relevant today, as extremism, antisemitism and intolerance sweep like wild fire across university campuses as well as Western- and Middle Eastern societies. The timeless message of Dr. Heimler's deeply moving drama is needed now more than ever before, to penetrate souls and educate minds.