Maximum Backgammon Improvement in Minimum Time
ISBN: 1609700309
EAN13: 9781609700300
Language: English
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback

Maximum Backgammon Improvement in Minimum Time

Book Overview
This book contains good tenets of the great game of backgammon. How does a winning backgammon player think as each individual game develops? Opening rolls are described, with strategy lessons in mind. Basics of probability and estimation, as they apply to backgammon, are reviewed. The power of the doubling cube - as a weapon - is discussed. The goal is not to merely list a few backgammon tips, but to teach a way of thinking about the game so that readers develop a sense of vision for how backgammon games evolve. We want you to strive for constant improvement in your game. And we want to maximize your backgammon improvement while minimizing your studying and reading time. This book is designed for the serious beginner to the advanced backgammon player.