Messages: A Survivor's Letter to a Young German
ISBN: 0991291654
EAN13: 9780991291656
Language: English
Pages: 230
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Messages: A Survivor's Letter to a Young German

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Book Overview
Eugene Heimler, in his captivatingly poetic style, takes you with him on a life-transforming journey through seas of imagination and rivers of tears; from storms of pain to pools of individual and communal wisdom as well as deep inside his self and yours. His universal and autobiographical stories, like the vivid colors on the canvas of a water-color artist, flow and dynamically blend time dimensions into an expanding, cohesive whole. The diversity of genre, time and metaphor is startling and reveals multiple layers of our physical, emotional and spiritual reality. The author transcends time as he interweaves past, present and future into a tapestry of deep meaning and passion, stained by blood and marked by tears and joy. This book is about the author's journey of losing, searching and re-finding his own identity and place in his physical, emotional and spiritual worlds. In his 'stream of consciousness' musings Heimler crosses time from biblical through medieval to modern human experiences of transformation through pain to self-discovery. This artful intimate intertwining of personal, particular and universal themes draws the reader into Heimler's awe-inspiring multi-layered world of courageous introspection. Messages illuminates how Heimler, as a Holocaust survivor, struggles to re-discover meaning, purpose and passion from his once shattered world. Working through these challenges leads him to existential questions about the very meaning of life: What are the connections between life and what we call death? How can meaning transcend suffering? How can we find peace if we deny our worst hours? How can we understand all the hatred that surrounds us? How can hate be turned into creativity instead of self-destructiveness? What can keep our love and our ability to love alive in the midst of atrocities or indifference? Come, join this remarkable man in his quest for eternal wisdom