Messages Straight From The Heart: Stories of Inspiration from Nevada
ISBN: 1940984610
EAN13: 9781940984612
Language: English
Pages: 262
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Format: Paperback

Messages Straight From The Heart: Stories of Inspiration from Nevada

Book Overview
In this powerful book compiled by Lori Chaffin (and 100 other contributing authors), you will learn all the strategies, techniques and ideas needed to live a 'heart-centered life' that will allow you to achieve serenity, happiness and prosperity (both financially and emotionally). As a result of applying the many years of wisdom in this book by these contributing authors, you will achieve this list far sooner than you would if making your journey alone. In Messages Straight from the Heart, you will hear firsthand for 100 of Nevada's most talented writers, thinkers, philosophers, coaches and thought leaders of our day. This book is truly the best of the best, and the combined wisdom in this book is like having a complete library of 100 plus books at your side, all neatly organized in one resource to assist you in your journey to peace, love and tranquility When you apply the wisdom, poems, quotes, and real-life experiences of these thought leaders to your life, you will be able to achieve career success, deep and meaningful relationships, and steer clear of the many pitfalls and obstacles that life may try and throw at you. These messages from the hearts of Nevada's best authors will propel your life to a higher level and you will achieve success in all areas of your life much quicker than had you not been blessed with this gift You will learn how to achieve specific knowledge that eludes most people in this world. You will learn the secret to achieving happiness, joy and learn the power of living in the moment, stepping into your becoming and unleashing your passions to propel you to live a life straight from your heart that you have always aspired to live. Throughout this book you will learn that you are the driving force to your life, you pick your destiny based on choice not by chance. You become the unstoppable force of power to live your life by intention, serve others, and achieve your life goals as a result. Most importantly you will learn how to harness the power of a heart-centered life to find your bliss, serve others and achieve a life of meaningful purpose as a result. You will be inspired to forgive, let go of your past, set the reset button of your life, and begin each new day with joy in your heart and determination in your soul to make a better life for you and your loved ones So get ready for an exciting journey Get ready to meet Nevada's best and brightest, and most talented writers and thought leaders of our time. Get ready for an exciting journey into your mind, your heart, and soul, to be equipped with the skills, mindset, and attitude needed for you to create your own destiny and live a heart-centered life