Microsoft Windows 10
ISBN: 1423226011
EAN13: 9781423226017
Language: English
Pages: 6
Format: Other

Microsoft Windows 10

Book Overview
6-page laminated guide to the settings and features of Windows 10 that will optimize your system for you, with guidance for managing and securing your computer as well. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, learn about new features or discover and use some of Windows functions for the first time. Joan Lambert, author of multiple books on the Microsoft Office Suite, creator of many videos and an experienced corporate trainer used her experience and knowledge to cover the most relevant functions for users at different levels. Suggested uses: - Workplace - handy desk reference used to find functions quickly - Company Training - reduce help-desk calls and keep productivity flowing for a team or for your entire company - Students/Teachers/Parents - help with the learning curve in a classroom or at home - College Students -make sure you are set-up, secure and using features that can make your life easier