Murphy's Lore: Bartender of the Gods
ISBN: 1890096318
EAN13: 9781890096311
Language: English
Pages: 180
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

Murphy's Lore: Bartender of the Gods

Book Overview
The legendary gang from Bulfinche's Pub in New York City returns in new stories in which: A bridge jumper is saved by a god in winged sneakers while the goddess of suicides & a guardian of graves hunt a beast that feeds on death; the cosmic chicken lays an egg as toilet goddesses & a god help Murphy out with a problem; a priest manages to stop a murder without breaking the seal of the confessional; talking babies reveal that some gods feast on certain souls in the afterlife & we find the succubus Ryth & angel Mathew are expecting; a foolish criminal tries to start a protection racket in the neighborhood of Bulfinche's Pub; a woman gets a last chance in a game of bingo where Death & The Fates are playing; a date rapist learns that Hell hath no fury like a baby shower; Hercules & other warriors learn it takes more than strength to be a hero; the satyr Fred saves a girl enslaved to a news anchor; The Mother of the Streets gets a job; & the only one who can save Paddy Moran & the world from the rising of an elder evil is... bartender John Murphy? PATRONS OF BULFINCHE'S PUB SPEAK OUT ON BARTENDER OF THE GODS: IF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD READ THIS BOOK, IT WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE. It would mean that my son would have more royalties to spend on his mother, -Murphy's Mom. I FOUND IT FASCINATING. THEN AGAIN, ALL I USUALLY HAVE TO READ IS TOMBSTONES, Moni, Lasa guardian of graves. MUCH MORE PLEASANT THAN THE PROSPECT OF LABOR, Ryth, pregnant succubus. I COULDN'T WISH FOR BETTER, Tommy, jinn, hot dog vender. I COULD, Edgar Tonic, hot dog vender. PRAISE FOR THE MURPHY'S LORE SERIES: THE CAST OF CHARACTERS AT BULFINCHE'S PUB IS ALWAYS CHANGING, BRINGING NEW LAUGHS, PERILS, & ADVENTURE. DON'T MISS THE LATEST INSTALLMENT OF THIS WONDERFUL SERIES. -Edward McFadden, FANTASTIC STORIES JOIN HEX, PADDY & THE GANG IN THEIR RACE TO UNDO THE FUTURE IN PATRICK THOMAS'S FOOLS' DAY, PART OF HIS COMIC MURPHY'S LORE SERIES. PUBLISHER'S 'S WEEKLY HUMOR, OUTRAGEOUS ADVENTURES, & SOME CLEVER PLOT TWISTS. -Don D'Ammassa, SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE