Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules: The Lost Writings
ISBN: 0470411562
EAN13: 9780470411568
Language: English
Pages: 213
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Format: Paperback
Book Overview
This collection consists of a series of magazine articles Hill wrote between 1919 and 1923 for Success magazine, of which he eventually become an editor.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover An amazing collection of long-lost articles from the king of personal success Napoleon Hill has been inspiring people to achieve their personal best for more than seventy years. He was the first and most famous motivational author of all time, and in fact, today's most successful self-help authors owe a lot to Hill's farsighted wisdom, including some of their very best ideas. Now, Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules presents the articles Hill wrote between 1919 and 1923, which started it all. Never before collected in book form, these articles feature big nuggets of golden wisdom that are as applicable today as they were nearly a century ago. Based on interviews with famous rags-to-riches tycoons like Carnegie, Ford, and Edison, they reveal proven, effective paths to success that truly work for the average person--yesterday, today, and tomorrow. These entertaining, lively articles are packed with plenty of inspiration and motivation and offer timeless insight on topics like the power of suggestion, building self-confidence, using persuasion versus force, and the law of attraction. If these ideas sound familiar, they are. Modern motivational writers have been tweaking and repackaging Hill's ideas for decades, but the original source remains the best. Read Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules and change your life.