On Gravity: A Brief Tour of a Weighty Subject
ISBN: 0691174385
EAN13: 9780691174389
Language: English
Pages: 192
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Book Overview
A brief introduction to gravity through Einstein's general theory of relativity Of the four fundamental forces of nature, gravity might be the least understood and yet the one with which we are most intimate. From the months each of us spent suspended in the womb anticipating birth to the moments when we wait for sleep to transport us to other realities, we are always aware of gravity. In On Gravity , physicist A. Zee combines profound depth with incisive accessibility to take us on an original and compelling tour of Einstein's general theory of relativity. Inspired by Einstein's audacious suggestion that spacetime could ripple, Zee begins with the stunning discovery of gravity waves. He goes on to explain how gravity can be understood in comparison to other classical field theories, presents the idea of curved spacetime and the action principle, and explores cutting-edge topics, including black holes and Hawking radiation. Zee travels as far as the theory reaches, leaving us with tantalizing hints of the utterly unknown, from the intransigence of quantum gravity to the mysteries of dark matter and energy. Concise and precise, and infused with Zee's signature warmth and freshness of style, On Gravity opens a unique pathway to comprehending relativity and gaining deep insight into gravity, spacetime, and the workings of the universe.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover On Gravity is a delightful and engaging tour of Einstein's great triumph--the general theory of relativity--by one of our best tour guides, A. Zee. A fun and fascinating read. --David Kaiser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology This engaging and enjoyable book focuses on our modern understanding of gravity through general relativity. With an entertaining narrative, Zee examines the development of these concepts and how they mesh with other discoveries in physics. On Gravity makes for compelling reading. --Pedro Ferreira, author of The Perfect Theory Rigorous and original, On Gravity provides an insightful presentation of the key concepts of gravity and general relativity. This book gives a different and new perspective and will surely generate interest. --Alberto Vecchio, University of Birmingham