Our Invisible Intelligence: How We Really Think
ISBN: 0964239051
EAN13: 9780964239050
Language: English
Pages: 166
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Format: Paperback

Our Invisible Intelligence: How We Really Think

Book Overview
In this original, groundbreaking book, Our Invisible Intelligence: How We Really Think, Jack Friedland reveals the journey from social communication to internal dialogue in a way that is nothing short of revolutionary. An intelligence so close and intimate that it is so taken for granted, hardly anyone thinks about it. The voices in our heads , whether they are inconsequential ramblings or pointed internal conversations, holds an essential key to understanding human nature, as well as the evolution of human intelligence, and why our relationships with both others and ourselves can be either deeply satisfying or perpetually frustrating. Our Invisible Intelligence explains: Why is it that when we express our thoughts, others seem to hear something different? Why do men and women often seem to think and feel about things differently? Why are some people drawn to the humanities, while others are drawn to science? Why do some people seem to know themselves while others have difficulty examining their feelings and motivations? Why are some people happy while others struggle with contentment? Why does being productive and successful not always lead to happiness? Our Invisible Intelligence discusses the kinds of conversations we have with ourselves, two of which are monologues and dialogues. As we become aware of the sharp differences between them, we can create extremely important beneficial changes in our lives. In addition, we learn that every person is a unique amalgam of reflective and introspective thinking. This explains the highly skilled medical doctor who makes terrible financial decisions, or the CEO who can command the boardroom but cannot have satisfying relationships with his or her spouse or children, or the very talented artist who cannot keep to a schedule. In other words, our invisible intelligence explains feelings, thoughts and actions in new and often surprising ways.