Personality and Growth: A Humanistic Psychologist in the Classroom
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Personality and Growth: A Humanistic Psychologist in the Classroom

Book Overview
In the winter of 1963-'64, American psychologist Abraham H. Maslow taught Experiential Approaches to Personality at Brandeis University. An exercise in experiential learning, the course explored ways to recover neglected and often repressed aspects of personality and become aware of the unconscious and preconscious operating within the psyche. In practice, Maslow's unconventional class became a remarkably stimulating blend of lectures and far-reaching discussions that often reflected the conflicting viewpoints and tumultuous events of an America on the cusp of major social changes. Maslow encouraged students to think for themselves, to engage with and challenge his views and their own, and to accept the mantle of responsibility that life thrusts upon us all. Now, for the first time, readers can take their own front-row seat in this groundbreaking course. Personality & Growth: A Humanistic Psychologist in the Classroom contains the transcribed recordings of Maslow's remarkable work with his students. With a contextualizing introduction by Maslow's graduate student assistant, annotations, and an extensive bibliography of the works discussed in class, Personality & Growth is a rich resource for psychologists, students, and anyone interested in the farther reaches of human nature. What shines throughout these compelling transcripts is a unique picture of Abe Maslow: teacher, psychologist, scientist and human being--a creative and compassionate thinker possessing a unique and lively genius.