Probably a Unicorn
ISBN: 0374312168
EAN13: 9780374312169
Language: English
Pages: 40
Format: Hardcover
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Book Overview
From the dynamic and expressive team of New York Times bestselling author Jory John and illustrator K-Fai Steele comes a hilarious picture book featuring a new and unforgettable character who proves you can be anything you want to be--probably. Everyone calls him a rhinoceros, but just between us . . . he's probably a unicorn. What, you don't believe it? Well, he has a horn, and so do unicorns He's beautiful and unicorns are beautiful And there are at least fifty or sixty other reasons he's probably a unicorn Sure, there might be a few differences between rhinos and unicorns, but hey, don't worry about it. Those differences doesn't make him any less of a unicorn.